The Old Testament
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The Old Testament

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Old Testament The books of the Old Testament tell the story of our relationship with God from the time of creation through to about 430 B.C.

During this time we lived under God's law. But God repeatedly demonstrated His love for us and made us many promises. Most of His promises were fulfilled when He gave us His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ as documented in the New Testament.

Books of the Law

The foundation of the Hebrew faith.

Gold CrossGenesis
Gold CrossExodus
Gold CrossLeviticus
Gold CrossNumbers
Gold CrossDeuteronomy

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Books of History

The record of Israel's spiritual growth and decline.

Gold CrossJoshua
Gold CrossJudges
Gold CrossRuth
Gold Cross1 Samuel
Gold Cross2 Samuel
Gold Cross1 Kings
Gold Cross2 Kings
Gold Cross1 Chronicles
Gold Cross2 Chronicles
Gold CrossEzra
Gold CrossNehemiah
Gold CrossEsther

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Books of Poetry

Individual faith and the worship of God.

Gold CrossJob
Gold CrossPsalms
Gold CrossProverbs
Gold CrossEcclesiastes
Gold CrossSong of Solomon

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Books of the Prophets

God's blessings, judgments and promises.

Gold CrossIsaiah
Gold CrossJeremiah
Gold CrossLamentations
Gold CrossEzekiel
Gold CrossDaniel
Gold CrossHosea
Gold CrossJoel
Gold CrossAmos
Gold CrossObadiah
Gold CrossJonah
Gold CrossMicah
Gold CrossNahum
Gold CrossHabakkuk
Gold CrossZephaniah
Gold CrossHaggai
Gold CrossZechariah
Gold CrossMalachi
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