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Our global Christian mission at Search The Bible is to support free access to the word of God and to support the sharing of prayer requests amongst believers.hristian Mission - Globe with Bible

You can read the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible here in a free online format.

You may download the Bible in PDF format, as well as the complete Old or New Testaments or any book of the Bible. All downloads are free and do not require registration.

Every month over 9,600 free Bibles and more than 2200 individual free Bible books are downloaded from the Search The Bible Internet Mission into over 200 countries. You can help us to increase these numbers.

If you can contribute financially please select the Donate button below.


Use the Daily Readings to read the entire Bible in one year. Here selections from the Old Testament, a chapter of Psalms or Proverbs, and New Testament selections are presented on a single page for each day of the year. Your daily readings may optionally be downloaded in PDF format for printing.

Many are blessed by our Daily Bible Verse.  You can receive by email the daily scripture that appears on the Search The Bible home page. The Daily Bible Verse is supplied with a link that allows you to read the scripture in full chapter context, as well as links to the Daily Reading and other Bible study resources.

If you need prayer you can post your prayer requests anonymously on the Christian Prayer Network where they are visible to thousands of Christians each day. Your prayer requests are also shared anonymously with the faithful in our prayer chain presently numbering well in excess of 4800 Christian prayer warriors.

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