The New Testament

The New Testament

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The New Testament The books of the New Testament describe how God sent His son, Jesus Christ to live as a man without sin and to then suffer the penalty for our sins so that we become blameless before God.

The story continues as we learn about the expansion and spiritual growth of the early church and the plan for Christ's return and His final victory over sin and the world.

The Gospels

Stories of Jesus. His birth, ministry and death on the cross.

Gold CrossMatthew
Gold CrossMark
Gold CrossLuke
Gold CrossJohn

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God sends His Holy Spirit and Christianity spreads to the west.

Gold CrossActs

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Letters of encouragement and doctrine between believers and the early Christian churches.

Gold CrossRomans
Gold Cross1 Corinthians
Gold Cross2 Corinthians
Gold CrossGalatians

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Gold CrossEphesians
Gold CrossPhilippians
Gold CrossColossians
Gold Cross1 Thessalonians
Gold Cross2 Thessalonians
Gold Cross1 Timothy
Gold Cross2 Timothy
Gold CrossTitus
Gold CrossPhilemon

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Gold CrossHebrews
Gold CrossJames
Gold Cross1 Peter
Gold Cross2 Peter
Gold Cross1 John
Gold Cross2 John
Gold Cross3 John
Gold CrossJude


Christ and the church are victorious over sin and the world.

Gold CrossRevelation
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